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Back Crooked Pieces' Kickstarter to help make Funny Things


Back Crooked Pieces' Kickstarter to help make Funny Things

26th February 2015

Last autumn Crooked Pieces released the pilot of the 'And Then She Said A Funny Thing' podcast - a brand new audio treat designed to get brilliant work by the funniest women writers out there…

The Daily Show with...?


The Daily Show with...?

18th February 2015

Finding out that Jon Stewart will be leaving 'The Daily Show' made me quite upset. I have such a crush on that man and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m going to miss him so much. …

STAND UP TO STAND OUT - workshop programme 2015

We help women to explore their funny side to build self confidence, improve relationships and enhance communication. Over the last 12 years more than 2,000 women have expressed their comic voice through our events, so we've taken on board what we've learnt along the way and created a number of workshop formats that help you to embrace your funny side.

With more women compelled to make speeches at social events and professional women increasingly sharing their experiences on public and media platforms, confidence and communication skills are key to achieving personal and professional success.

But don't take it from us! Our workshops have been featured in the national media several times, including the Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Scotsman.

So take a look at our 2015 workshop programme below, choose which workshop suits you and explore how humour can help you to make an impact. We currently run workshops in London and Manchester, plus we offer one to one coaching and provide bespoke events and interactive confidence building workshops for businesses and organisations.

Please give us a call on 020 8948 4444 or email to discuss your requirements.



Itching to do comedy? Come scratch that itch every third Tuesday of the month at Funny Women's Time of the Month sessions. Here you'll learn a few tricks of the trade, have fun and enjoy a little 'me' time! 

Whatever your comedy preferences, Funny Women provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for you to unleash your creativity and share ideas with like-minded women who have a passion for comedy. With support from some of the industry’s top comedy bods, you'll also have the chance to perform your comedy ideas in front of a friendly and supportive audience on the very same evening! 

For more details and to book your place on the next Funny Women's Time of the Month, click here


Comedy workshops - london and manchester

Enjoy working with other women for a fun packed two hours and find out how a humorous approach to life can be empowering. Even if you don’t fancy yourself as a performer the ‘take away’ is self confidence and enhanced communications skills. 

Our London comedy workshops take place on the first Saturday of every month and cover a range of different comedy genres including stand up, improv, sketch & character and comedy writing.

Click HERE for details of the next London workshop.

Our brand new Manchester comedy workshop series starts in March 2015 and each workshop will focus on a different genre of comedy including stand up, improv, sketch & character and comedy writing. AND we have a special offer! Book all 4 workshops for the price of 3! Bargain. 

Stand Up to Stand Out Workshop - Tuesday 3rd March 2015 

Improv Comedy Workshop - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Sketch & Character Workshop - Tuesday 1st September 2015

Comedy Writing Workshop - Tuesday 1st December 2015



But don't just take our word for it, take a look at what other people have said about our workshops below:



"The afternoon was really helpful to me on two counts: thinking through the connection between humour and vulnerability i.e. drawing on the things close to you to find the funny; and feeling the confidence needed to stand up in front of people and make them laugh."

“The tools and insights you used were very inspirational and left everyone in the room with a huge smile on their face and a different view on how they can use their skills and humour to great effect.”

“Your workshop has given my confidence a boost and perhaps I will be a little more able to hold my own in a very, very, very male dominated company. What I need is to be able to attend a workshop about every month just to keep topping up my confidence!”

“Just wanted to say thank you for what a boost last Wednesday has given me. Don't think my other half quite believed me when I got home and told him! Thinking of ways that I can use my renewed liking of public speaking now :-).”

"The workshops are good places for women to share and feel like ‘it’s not just me who feels like this’ which I found brilliant."

"Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the workshop and all the advice. I had great time and really enjoyed meeting like-minded funny women. I think it might have given me a new lease of confidence and outlet for my comedy - who knows what might happen..."

“Thanks to Funny Women I have opened up another door to my life. I have had my baptism of fire at the Comedy Store in Manchester and even though I may never make it big time, I have the confidence and the drive to stand up and allow myself to be heard. I have started a little journey of my own. A bit of madness to keep me sane. Thanks Lynne for all your expertise and encouragement.”

"I don't want to be a stand-up and, although I write, I don't write comedy. So why attend a workshop with Funny Women? Truthfully, it was a present from my son and daughter. However, I prefer to call it a gift, because that's what it was. Not only did I spend a couple of hours with some really great people but I also found my creative juices flowing, and they continued to flow long after the day was over. Lynne was great; she ensured we were all included; all had a shot at using a microphone and none of it felt threatening. That's not to say it wasn't thought provoking and challenging at times; can't see the point of it if it wasn't! I would recommend the workshop for anyone who wants a productive, fun time, whether they want to be a comic or not." 

"Thank you so much for making this possible, I think I am going to get addicted to your workshops. I found Saturday not only very enjoyable but a valuable opportunity  to share with others the importance of comedy. Book me in for the lot! I just wish you did a boarding school - that would be for me, not the kids."

"I really enjoyed the workshop and your feedback was really helpful. I hadn't thought about entering the comedy writing competition but after your feedback I will definitely consider it seriously.  It was great to meet a bunch of funny women in a very supportive environment."

"Lynne’s session was brilliant. We were laughing all day and night. Women do have a funny side and we saw it today. Lynne created a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone took something away that can benefit them of their business. We all enjoyed it so much that we are going ahead with more sessions."

"Thanks for a fabulous experience I had a wonderful two hours! I was also blown away by your lovely comments I really never expected anyone to think I had any talent! The experience has inspired me to think maybe I could do the Comedy Challenge."



Why not treat someone to one of our workshops as an unique gift? We have gift vouchers available for just £49.50 which can be used on a date of the recipient's choice. Price includes a place on a two hour comedy workshop in which your recipient can put their funny bones to the test in a friendly safe environment and learn some invaluable public speaking skills. To buy a voucher just click on the Paypal link below. For more information please email


Stand Up to Stand Out - An Accidental Conference


Stand Up to Stand Out - An Accidental Conference

28th February 2015

Oops! We’ve only gone and planned an Accidental Conference! Run in partnership with the Guardian Women in Leadership, our Stand Up to Stand Out one-day event has been specially curated for wome…