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Lynda Bellingham Dies Aged 66


Lynda Bellingham Dies Aged 66

20th October 2014

One if the nations favourite TV mums Lynda Bellingham has died aged 66 from cancer. The actress, presenter and writer was the matriarch of the popular Oxo family advertising campaign from 1983 to 1999…

Where Are They Now Workshop


Where Are They Now Workshop

21st October 2014

If you have never attended a Funny Women workshop you might be wondering exactly what people get out of it. Those attending our workshop on Saturday 25th October at the King's Arms in Manchester a…


                                  REAL FUNNY WOMEN AWARD

                                                                 IN ASSOCIATION WITH REFUGe



2013 real funny women award winner: jeanette hawkins


WHat is the real funny women award?

The Real Funny Women Award looks for those innately funny females in our lives who use their natural comedic flair to get through the most adverse situations, and whose humourous and spirited approach to life is a true inspiration to others.

Past winners of this Award include Kris Hallenga, founder of the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel, whose humourous approach to charity work has been a very real inspiration to others. This year's winner, Jeanette Hawkins, was nominated by her daughter Kimberley, who watched her mother suffer domestic violence at the hands of her father and stepfather for nineteen years. Despite this, Jeanette still manages to show a sunny disposition and excellent humour, which makes her a much-loved individual and a true inspiration.

2013's Award saw us raise funds and awareness for domestic violence charity Refuge.


the lucky nominee will receive...

-  Two VIP tickets to the Funny Women Awards Final in London, plus a pre drinks reception at The Groucho Club

- A stay for two at a swanky London hotel, courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

- A Benefit Cosmetics 'Pamper day,' complete with Benefit goodies




Funny Women Players - A Journey to Enlightenment in support of Womankind Worldwide


Funny Women Players - A Journey to Enlightenment in support of Womankind Worldwide

21st October 2014

Join the Funny Women Players, our fast paced, all women improv team on a new journey! Find out the funny way how you can improvise your way to enlightenment... or not as the case may be! We are a…