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Revan and Fennell: I'm With Stupid

Revan and Fennell: I'm With Stupid 1

Here at Funny Women Towers, we’re always excited to see a new sketch group for the first time - particularly when that sketch group are performing at the Leicester Square Theatre, home of our London Nights! We’re looking forward to seeing Revan and Fennell’s new show this weekend, and although it’s only its third outing, we’ve heard brilliant things.

Revan and Fennell have only been a sketch duo for a short time, but they’re certainly no strangers to entertaining an audience. Having both trained at East 15 Acting School, they worked together on critically acclaimed comedy play Snarl Up (written and produced by Revan) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009.

I’m With Stupid features a fantastic blend of sketches; some are observational, some musical and some just pure silliness, but all are designed to keep you laughing throughout. We predict great things, and this is a show not to be missed. Remember, you saw them here first!

"... [a] perceptive, inventive and really funny show ..." **** Fringe Review, Snarl Up

You can catch I’m With Stupid at the Leicester Square Theatre on Saturday 23rd February.

For more information and to book tickets, click HERE.

You can also follow Revan and Fennell on Twitter: @RevanAndFennell

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