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Buttoning down the Champ - Vanessa Vallely

Buttoning down the Champ - Vanessa Vallely

19th June 2011

Vanessa Vallely is an accomplished woman who liberally uses humour in her career and everyday life.  Currently head of business management for Finance, Strategy & Legal at Aviva Investors, Vanessa is also the founder of We Are the City, a free website providing city and female-centric information to the 70,000 women who work in the City and Canary Wharf.

She recently won the Women in Banking and Finance Champion for Women Award which recognises the person who through personal commitment, application and dedication promotes and inspires women in the workplace to reach their full potential. Always keen to share her experiences Vanessa is an active mentor to seven…

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Dear Dame Jenni

Dear Dame Jenni

14th June 2011

Very many congratulations on becoming a Dame. In recognition of this great achievement we'd like to bestow upon you the first of our Real Funny Women Awards.

This is awarded to you, Dame Jenni Murray, because you epitomise what it's like to be a woman in the public eye dealing with life's ups and downs and sustaining a great sense of humour.  You have overcome breast cancer, a hip replacement and five minutes of stand up comedy - and you're still smiling through!  

As the voice and face of one of the world's leading female institutions, BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, we were proud when you won the public vote earlier this year in Stand Up for Com…

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