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Where Are They Now- Lara A King

Where Are They Now- Lara A King 1


Lara A King is the most recent Funny Women Award winner. We managed to catch up with her in between her busy gigging schedule to find out what’s changed in the few months since winning the award.

How did it feel to be crowned by Funny Women last year?

It’s incredible. It’s proved I can do it, I can do comedy. The more important thing is that it’s validated me to myself. It’s a confidence boost.

How has your comedy career changed since winning the award?

Phenomenally. The amount of gigs I do has trebled. I get introduced as the Funny Women winner. People go “oh ok… make me laugh!” I’m doing more interviews. Suddenly I have an opinion on everything! Everything seems to have happened very quickly. It feels a bit like snakes and ladders. I’ve gone up quite a few ladders and gone down quite a few slightly longer snakes!  It feels like I’ve just gone up a really nice ladder and I’m just standing at the bottom of a really long ladder which has got a really long snake just next to it.

What joke or moment set you apart from the other finalists when you won?

Timing and position in the running order! I was on right after the interval. Everyone had just had a drink so there was a really nice atmosphere in the room.

Who do you think is the ultimate funny women?


Aside from you?

I want to Victoria Wood, then I want to say Dillie Keane(from the comedy cabaret group Fascinating Aïda).Dillie was a major influence when I was in my teen years. I remember watching the Fascinating Aïda documentary when I was 15. I was upstairs doing my homework. My dad called up and said, “there’s something on telly I think you’d really enjoy.” It was three women in a van doing satirical songs. I just remember thinking, they are having such a laugh and they’re doing that for a job. I thought, that’s what I want to do!

Out of all the previous Funny Women winners, who is the funniest?

Suzy Bennett. She’s just naturally funny. It’s that kind of lovely modest funny that’s not show offy. Andi Osho is brilliant too.

What does 2012 hold in store for you?

 I’d like to host a few shows, I’d like to do some comedy laughter workshops which would then leave me time to write my book I’m working on which I would then turn into my own movie and I’ll probably have my own daytime TV by the end of the year!

The Funny Women Awards are ten years old this year. What were you doing ten years ago?

I was doing company management for Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music.  I was also doing lots of music and sending single recordings out and I was probably at the bottom of a very big ladder.

Click here for details of all of Lara’s upcoming gigs.


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