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Laugh for Charity with Award winning comedy!

Laugh for Charity with Award winning comedy! 1


It’s that time of year again where Funny Women treads the boards of Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre for the annual Funny Women Charity Show on Sunday 29th January in support of local charity, The Victoria Foundation.  A great way to beat the winter blues.

This year’s showcase is a particularly special, bumper edition as 2012 marks the 10th Anniversary of Funny Women. We’ll be showcasing  past winners and finalists from a decade of the Funny Women Awards.

Performing at this showcase is a trio of past Funny Women Awards Winners. Playing host to this event is the 2006 Snuggie obsessed winner of the Funny Women Awards, Suzy Bennett, who is a fantastic ambassador for the spirit of Funny Women and a favourite with audiences. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Suzy in the year to come so catch her while you can.

Debra-Jane Appelby won the Funny Women Awards back in 2005. Debra’s comic style has been described as ‘razor sharp’ (ScotsGay) and ‘intellegent and original’ (Leicester Mercury). With recent success at the Bear Cat Comedy Club in St Margaret’s it’s a rare treat to see her gracing the stage at the Orange Tree Theatre as part of Funny Women’s 10th Anniversary celebrations.

Also performing is the 2011 Funny Women Awards winner, self-confessed ‘people pleaser’, Lara A King.  Armed with a guitar, her comical songs are sure to have the audience singing along. ‘Strong impressive voice and naturally upbeat delivery’ (Chortle).  Lara has proved to be a popular and worthy title holder spreading her own particular brand of joy wherever she goes.

There are more treats in store from the Funny Women Awards 2011, with original musical double act Ladies Live Longer, who picked up last year’s Variety Award, best described as a delightful mix of Jessie J and Women’s Institute. Finalist Emily Lloyd-Saini discusses what life is like for a mixed race Northern girl living in London and who is, in her own words, ‘a little bit brown’, and runner up Katherine Bennett with her dead pan delivery style and observations on life as a parent of quadruplets is bound to appeal to Richmond audiences!  Yummy mummies eat your heart out! 

This evening also features a special performance from Kish Modasia who took place in our most recent Business Challenge at Cannizaro House last year. A year ago, Kish had never performed stand up but the Challenge gave her a taste for performing comedy and now she is moving on to a bigger venue and bigger audience.  The sky’s the limit they say.

Funds raised from the show will be donated to the Richmond based medical charity The Victoria Foundation. This fantastic local charity provides accessible transport and mobility aids to those of all ages who suffer from disabilities, funds much needed medical treatment not readily available on the NHS and, much more, generally helps to improve lives. There will be a raffle on the night with some impressive prizes up for grabs.

Tickets are priced at £20. Come along and see the cream of female comedy on one stage, handpicked from the last 10 years of the Funny Women Awards. Be sure to book tickets soon before it’s too late!

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