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Finalist Profile: Ladies Live Longer

Finalist Profile: Ladies Live Longer 1


Ladies Live Longer is the creation of Louise Fitzgerald and Victoria Temple-Morris. They are astounded at being in the finals of Funny Women having only worked together for 18 months.

In real life they are serious actors, darhhhhhling! The move into being taken seriously in comedy has been an exciting one. 'Gigging around London has been great experience', said one lady. 'Being part of a celebration of female comedy has been truly exciting', said the other.

Their musical comedy is politely rude and pleasantly obnoxious.  They promise to delight your aural orifices.  (Please note - refunds are not available).  YOU will love them, but they are likely to offend the person sitting next to you.

They are from South-East London. The nice bit. Yes, there is a nice bit.

Voted 'Most likely to marry for money' by reader of TV Quick 1998.

Ladies Live Longer



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