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Finalist Profile: Bekka Bowling

Finalist Profile: Bekka Bowling 1


I have been obsessed with Funny Women for the past five years, loyally attending the final like a creepy stalker. (I wore a rainmac and followed the winners home). So to actually be in the final is MESSING WITH MY MIND!!!

My first round was only my third gig ever, and I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it because I thought it would just be embarrassing for all in attendance. Now, I can’t stop telling people about it. This morning I even whispered it into the ear of a man I was pressed against on the circle line. It’s fair to say I feel like a pretty big deal!

My act, in a nut shell, is a 23 year old girl who bares an uncanny resemblance to Bill Nighy in drunk photos, telling a few jokes and lunging about a bit. I can’t promise high drama, but in the semi-finals my mic did break clean into two pieces which REAKS of sabotage. I reckon it was Checkley & Bush.
I was born in Margate and have spent the past 23 years trying to sever all ties. Aside from Tracy Emin, our most famous export to date has been serial killer Peter Tobin. Margate has an exceptional gene pool.

Bekka Bowling

Comments (2)

Monday 7th January 2013 23:20

Bekka is amazing!xx


Wednesday 28th May 2014 21:57

She is my drama teacher

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