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Finalist Profile: Janet Bettesworth

Finalist Profile: Janet Bettesworth 1


It means a lot to me to get into the final, and I can hardly believe it:  when watching all the acts in the semi-finals I realised what a very high standard the show had reached in terms of writing, originality and professional delivery.  It'll be a real treat for the audience on the night.
My act is about an unconfident woman who tries to embrace assertiveness but goes a bit too far:  in the end she gets smashed down again by a werewolf ventriloquist's puppet.
I have lived in London since 1962, but was born and brought up in Kenya.  I have been doing stand-up for a year and a half; my main job has been teaching art.  You can tell from this time-line that I'm the old codger on the line-up.  Hope you can all make the live final.  Feel free to pelt me with chocolate eclairs, but they must have real cream inside.

Janet Bettesworth


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