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Crooked Pieces seek Writers for new Comedy Podcast


Crooked Pieces seek Writers for new Comedy Podcast

21st July 2014

Crooked Pieces have been producing work by female writers for the past two years, and back in the spring we decided it was time to extend our world domination plan beyond the stage and onto the airwav…

Damsel's Do's and Don'ts at The Edinburgh Fringe.


Damsel's Do's and Don'ts at The Edinburgh Fringe.

21st July 2014

Oh the wonderful journey into the Scottish countryside for four weeks of hiking, resting, taking in the mountains, meditative views…oh no wait it’s the Edinburgh Fringe. As a past frequen…


                                THE COMEDY WRITING AWARD

                    in assoCiation with the comedy unit and the huffington post


   Funny Women


What is the comedy writing award?

We know that not every writer is a performer, so this an opportunity for those happier behind the scenes to truly shine. That's why we're happy to be continuing the Comedy Writing Award in 2014, in association with award winning comedy production company The Comedy Unit, and leading news platform The Huffington Post.

Andrea Mann, Comedy Editor of The Huffington Post UK, had this to say about working with the Comedy Writing Award this year: "As someone who likes to champion women in comedy- as well as being a woman myself- I'm delighted, as Comedy Editor of The Huffington Post UK, to be involved in the Funny Women Awards. There are so many brilliant, funny women trying who deserve to have the spotlight shone on them- especially those who work behind the scenes as writers- and I believe these awards help to do just that."


The Prize:

£500 script option fee for a 12 month development period, including three weeks intensive mentoring  to complete the 30 minute script with dedicated access to a professional script editor.


An 8-15 page extract of a 30 minute comedy script for television. The script can take the form of a sitcom, sketch show, comedy drama- anything really, so long as it has a comic twist.


The criteria:

The Comedy Writing Award is all about encouraging new female writing talent. As such, entrants cannot be professional script writers (i.e. earn your main income from writing television scripts)

Exceptions to this rule: Writing one-off jokes/sketches for TV/radio, and previous script writing awards

If in doubt, just drop us an email on


How to enter:

Register with the Funny Women Awards 2014 HERE. Registration is a £15 donation to domestic violence charity Refuge, and covers all Award categories.

Registration is per script rather than per person. Jointly written entries  (i.e. with a writing partner) need only register once.

Once you have registered, we will send you an info sheet with all the details on how to submit your script, and some realy useful tips for completing your script from The Comedy Unit.

The deadline for submissions is 31st August 2014. Ten scripts will be shortlisted and read by a panel of industry judges (you can read about our 2013 judges HERE). The top three entries will be invited to attend the Comedy Writing Award Final read through on 20th September at the Leicester Square Theatre, London, and the overall winner will be announced.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

You can find a full list of past winners and finalists HERE





Funny Women Awards Semi-final- Salford Quays


Funny Women Awards Semi-final- Salford Quays

19th July 2014

The Funny Women Awards have been promoting female comics for over a decade, and we’ve seen some fantastic acts pass through our doors who are now major names on the comedy circuit including Kath…