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Wildseed launch online comedy channel


Wildseed launch online comedy channel

18th November 2014

First they brought us Michelle Gomez as Heather in Heather's American Medicine and now Wildseed Studios have created an whole online comedy channel Wildseed Comedy. The channel will champion …

On your bike for Refuge


On your bike for Refuge

18th November 2014

Have you got any plans for Sunday 2nd August 2015? No, how about you take part in the Prudential RideLondon - Surrey100 to help raise money for Refuge? Raise money for charity and cycle along the …

Funny Women and refuge Refuge Charity

We are delighted to announce that Funny Women, and our leading Award sponsor Benefit Cosmetics, will be teaming up with national charity Refuge for the second year running to promote awareness of the issues surrounding domestic violence and raise vital funds during this year's Funny Women Awards.

At Funny Women, we believe that comedy is a way to help all women find a voice - whether that’s through performing, writing or using the tools of the industry to face the challenges present in everyday life. 

Shockingly, one in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lifetime - and even in 2013, this is still an issue surrounded by silence. Many women are afraid to speak out about the abuse they have suffered, and we believe that it is time for this silence to end.


What kind of work does Refuge do?

As the country’s largest single provider of specialist domestic abuse services, Refuge has been instrumental in fronting the campaign against domestic violence since 1971. The charity seeks to provide support for all those dealing with any form of gender violence - be it domestic abuse, sexual violence, stalking, trafficking, prostitution, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and honour-based violence.

This tireless support for victims of abuse is ongoing and supports over 2,000 women and children on any given day. Their work includes campaigning, training and research to raise awareness of domestic violence, but also incorporates an outreach approach within communities and offers help directly to those who need it. Through a variety of initiatives, Refuge seeks to empower those most in need of support, allowing them to rebuild a life free of violence and fear.


Funny women commitment to charity

Since Funny Women was set up in 2003, our commitment to female comic talent has allowed us to support women in the wider world as well as emerging artists within the industry. As an organization, we believe that comedy provides tools that allow everyone - aspiring comediennes or not - the ability develop self-expression and confidence. Along with running workshops and bespoke events, we have a continuing commitment to working with external organizations that champion women’s rights under our mission statement - “laughing about life to help and heal women”. Refuge’s ongoing work, equipping women with the support to rebuild their lives without the fear of emotional and physical abuse, makes them exactly the kind of organization that share these values.

All fundraising carried out at the 2014 Funny Women Awards will go to Refuge, along with £1 from each Awards registration fee. Proceeds from the Funny Women Awards Final at London’s Leicester Square Theatre will also be donated to the charity.

As the 2014 Funny Women Awards start to take shape, we are looking forward to celebrating the fantastic achievements of all of our entrants, but hope to use the awards to make a real difference too. Our partnership with Refuge gives us a further opportunity to raise awareness of the struggles faced by many women across the world, and assist the charity’s work in giving victims of domestic violence back their voice.

 "We are delighted to be raising money and awareness for Refuge this year as part of our on-going commitment to supporting the vital work of women's charities." Isobel Matheson, producer, Funny Women Awards 2014.

You can read more about Refuge's work on their website:

Feeling Funny Being Human


Feeling Funny Being Human

21st November 2014

What can humour tell us about being human? To what extent is humour a feature of being human? Do we learn to be humorous or is it something we are born with? Can computers create humour? Do animal…