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BAFTA on the hunt for new British comedy writers


BAFTA on the hunt for new British comedy writers

30th March 2015

Exciting news for those who like to take to the typewriter rather than the stage with their comedy, BAFTA is searching for emerging British comedy writers to showcase their work at the New York Televi…

Are you in-Zayn?


Are you in-Zayn?

30th March 2015

Plastic man of poop-culture extraordinaire, he’s so shiny that I’m not actually sure he exists. The only thing I find consoling about One Direction is that I feel - if indeed they do …


               Funny Women

We celebrated our 10th anniversary on the 8th March 2012, International Women's Day, by challenging 10 amazing high profile women from the worlds of business, media, politics and academia to perform stand-up for the very first time in their lives. They are raising funds for 10 amazing causes with the help of 10 of the UK’s most well connected women’s networks.       


             Funny Women

And forgive our immodesty, but we are so grateful for all the lovely feedback we had from last week’s 10th Anniversary Charity Challenge, that we’d like to share it with you.

Although a lot of the emails are addressed and mention me, I couldn’t have done it without the very special people around me:  Lucy Hutchison, Isobel Matheson, Karen Rosie, Liz Waters, Lucy Aston, Richard Lightamn, Grace Lightman and our fantastic web and graphic design team at n9Design, Nick Warren, Gareth Tutt and Tim Legg. 

Lynne Parker, Founder of Funny Women


It’s a big ‘THANK YOU’ from us and now a big ‘THANK YOU’ from them.

A huge thank you once again for inviting me to speak at your event on Thursday.  It was so very generous of you and very much appreciated by me.  As a result 40 kind hearted people signed up which means our grand total is now 4,009 which is just tremendous.

As for the big event – well, what a night.  In truth I didn't know quite what to expect but it was a truly superb evening and so well organised.  The venue was perfect - the food was gorgeous and the entertainment was amazing and that was all down to you.  What an incredibly lady you are. 

T. Sandeman – Lloyd,


Just to echo what everyone has said to today.  Carole and the ladies were absolutely brilliant.  It was a great night and all the work put in by Lynne and her colleagues at Funny Women made it an outstanding celebration of International Women's Day.  I also signed up for organ donation which I have been meaning to do for so long but never got round too.

Thank you so much for helping to raise much needed money for all the charities, the results are amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was an inspirational event.

Trilby Breckman, Development Manager, Triumph Over Phobia


I just wanted to drop you a quick note of congratulations on a fabulous event last night – a sparkling tribute to ten years of success!

Myself and all our guests really enjoyed themselves and I know Carole won’t be forgetting the experience in a hurry.

Many thanks and best regards,

Florence Tennent, @YouGovStone. @TheStoneClub


You must be feeling naturally high this morning.  The event was nothing short of amazing and you deserve a huge pat on the back.  You have not only helped women to overcome self consciousness and allowed them to help others, you have also facilitated the raising of funds for 10 charities which will have far reaching consequences.  I for one am enormously grateful for all your support for the Angelus Foundation and I tip my hat to Julie for her bravery and support. 

All the performers were fantastic, it was hard to choose a winner, as in truth they are all winners – it was a great triumph on International Women’s Day.  A real big slice of Girl Power!

I hope you won’t mind me asking everyone included in this whether they could sign our e-petition to get drugs education on the National Curriculum.  We need 100,000 signatures so I would be grateful to everyone if they could sign it and pass it on to all their contacts.  More Girl Power please!  Here is the link:

Much love to you Lynne and well done to everyone who participated.

Maryon Stewart, Founder, The Angelus Foundation.


Just a really quick note to say thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be involved in the Charity Challenge and for introducing us to Amisha, and also congratulations on a fantastic event! It seemed like everyone had a brilliant time, our table certainly did.

We’d love to work with Funny Women again in the future, and we’re very happy to help promote any of your events.

Sarah Jackson, Communications and New Media Manager, Womankind Worldwide


Well! That went well! Congratulations to all you fantastic women who "did funny" tonight and especially thank you for raising the profile of so many great charities. A special shout out of course from FPA to Deb who did us proud and a terrific well done to Lynne and the team for pulling it off. Same time next year?..... Julie

Julie Bentley, Chief Executive, FPA


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for organising last night’s event! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves – even more so because Rowan won and we think she’s an absolute star!

We’re really looking forward to getting the video to show everyone in the office how great she was!

Katharine Tinker, Events and Community Manager, Children in Crisis.


Firstly, thank you for asking Hela and me and having faith in us that we would deliver (the only excuse not to of course, would have been the death of one of us!!)

They do say stand up is one of the scariest things to do and it’s TRUE! Naturally we say to ourselves...what if no-one laughs? Although once we got up there and got going I really did enjoy myself. And of course we had such fun rehearsing and preparing - as you can imagine.

All in all it’s been an amazing experience. I think I’ve used all my emotions on this one event! It’s been scary, stressful, exhilarating, exciting, hilarious, moving, fulfilling, overwhelming...and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Well done to you and your team for such a brilliant celebration of your 10 years in business and International Women’s Day. And of course there’s the fundraising. Having just looked at the running totals, your initiative has instigated almost £25,000 worth of fundraising so far. That’s incredible! And it’s not over yet!

The success of the event was a tremendous accolade to you Lynne. Which you richly deserve.

With all my good wishes for the next 10 years!

Challenger Annie Brooks, Director, Sister Snog

Indeed well done to everyone!  What a night that was.  Agree with Julie – same time next year?!

Thanks Julie for the mention and for linking with me, I will keep on with the fundraising.

Lynne I’d just like to say a huge thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this.  It has as you know always been on my ‘bucket list’ and so it’s great to achieve it, and to do so for such a worthy cause.

To all comedy buddies – I say without reservation we were ‘ucking antastic’!

Challenger Deborah Leary OBE, CEO - Forensic Pathways Limited


Lynne, thank you for asking me, for believing that I could do stand up comedy. I had a wonderful time and I felt very proud of myself (once I'd finished). It was great to meet so many incredible women who do wonderful work in support of their respective charities.

Congratulations to Rowan on winning the challenge. When you mentioned purple sprouting broccoli I thought about my Able & Cole delivery that included that very item. And congratulations to all of us for taking part in what was truly an unforgettable event.

Well done Lynne, Liz, Karen and all the team for working so hard. I love seeing behind the scenes because it is always staggering the amount of work that goes into putting on such an event. Brilliant.

Challenger, Sharon Simpson, The Reinvention Diva


Yes, an amazing night, unbelievable organisation from every quarter - I couldn't believe the scale of the operation and all the many meticulous details down to those drop-dead gorgeous uber-vixen singers and the pink feather boas. Huge slaps on backs to everyone, respect to every contender, to their mentors , to the supporting networks and total awe to Lynne and Funny Women. I have to say I am still laughing at Vanessa's story of weeing on her daughter. Now I know how to threaten my sons...

Challenger and WINNER, Rowan Pellling


Lynne - two weeks ago, I said yes, but I really wasn't sure if I could do that. Thank you for believing that I could enough, so that I just had to believe it to and get on with it. I really enjoyed myself!

Challenger, Amisha Ghadiali


Well done to all the Challengers and of course to Lynne for putting on an amazing, entertaining and (without doubt) humourous evening.  Victoria and I were blown away by the quality and confidence of everyone brave enough to stand on stage!
Well done again!!! We're raising a glass (of Blue Nun of course!) to you all!

Louise Fitzgerald & Victoria Temple Morris, Ladies Live Longer who kindly mentored Sister Snog.

Thursday was a HUGE success - I take my hat off to you!!

Sarah Martin, Ladies at 11.


What a fantastic event it was on Thursday, I thoroughly enjoyed it and you should be really proud of what you achieved!

Nikki Short, Relationship Manager, NatWest.

Firstly, I just wanted to congratulate the Funny Women team on a great event last night. I've decided that this year I want to bite the bullet and give stand up a go and last night was just the inspiration I needed. Great to see such a range of accomplished women being funny. If only there was more of it on the telly!

Rebecca How, guest.


Thanks for a great evening – we had an absolute scream (and some of us had rather a lot of pink fizzy wine). It was really beautifully organised. We came away feeling very happy to have made the effort, and that such a lot of effort had been made for us. Thanks to you, and to the team behind it all.

Anna Gray, International Product Manager, Royal Mail

Funny Women

Brighton Nights


Brighton Nights

28th March 2015

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