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Lynda Bellingham Dies Aged 66


Lynda Bellingham Dies Aged 66

20th October 2014

One if the nations favourite TV mums Lynda Bellingham has died aged 66 from cancer. The actress, presenter and writer was the matriarch of the popular Oxo family advertising campaign from 1983 to 1999…

Halloween Costumes: A Guide


Halloween Costumes: A Guide

23rd October 2014

It's nearly that time of year again when it's perfectly acceptable for children and adults alike to dress up like twats who have crawled from the grave and terrorise strangers into giving them…


While Funny Women continues to provide a unique platform for women to extend their comedic and creative boundaries, we also aim to raise awareness and funds for a variety of causes that directly affect women.

We like to work with organisations that represent all aspects of women’s wellbeing – 'laughing about life to help and heal women' - and empowering them to make a difference - 'helping women find their voice'.

Through our events, Funny Women has raised heaps of awareness and over £200,000 for the following charities during the last 11 years:

2003 Bristol Cancer Help Centre, now Penny Brohn Cancer Care

2004 YWCA, Jo’s Trust, V-Day

2005 YWCA , Jo’s Trust, V-Day

2006 YWCA, Jo’s Trust, V-Day, Ovarian cancer action

2007 V-Day, ActionAid, Ovarian cancer action

2008 V-Day, ActionAid, Ovarian cancer action

2009 ActionAid, V-Day:Tender

2010 V-Day:Tender, UK Feminista, OBJECT

2010 OBJECT, challenging 'sex object' culture

2011 Cancer Research UK's Race for Life, The Victoria Foundation, RISE 

2012 Women's Aid, The Victoria Foundation, RISE

2013 Refuge, Coppafeel, The Victoria Foundation, RISE


In 2014 we are proud to be partnering Refuge as our charity of the year for the Funny Women Awards, for the second year running.

Funny Women Players - A Journey to Enlightenment in support of Womankind Worldwide


Funny Women Players - A Journey to Enlightenment in support of Womankind Worldwide

21st October 2014

Join the Funny Women Players, our fast paced, all women improv team on a new journey! Find out the funny way how you can improvise your way to enlightenment... or not as the case may be! We are a…